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Mortgage calculator formula and JavaScript code Mortgage Articles (see list below)
Bi-weekly mortgage calculatorMonthly mortgage calculatorBi-weekly mortgage payments
Calcul de prêt d'hypothèque canadien et français / Canadian mortgage and loan calculator in French

1 Stop Mortgage Calculator
Calculate your Mortgage payments in Seconds!

Javascript Mortgage Calculators


US mortgage calculators with amortization table for real estate agents websites
(all done in JavaScript!)

Online JavaScript mortgage loan calculator for webmasters

Also new:
Canadian javascript mortgage calculator with amortization schedule


Need to know the monthly payments or the
bi-weekly mortgage payments for a home loan?

With this simple online loan and mortgage calculator it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Just enter the Principal of the loan, the Interest Rate and the Loan Term in the payment calculator below, and find out how much your monthly payments will be, and how much you save if you use bi-weekly payments.

Mortgage and loan calculator form

Input your Principal loan balance, Interest rate and Loan Term:

Principal Loan Balance:

You can also specify:

Interest Rate (%):

Annual Taxes:

Amortization, in Years:

Annual Insurance:

Keep your customers coming back to your website
Add a
mortgage or a loan calculator to your website!
Gardez vos visiteurs sur votre site !
Mettez un calculateur de prêt en français à la disposition de vos visiteurs !

Monthly Payments Results

Monthly Principal and INTEREST

Monthly Taxes

Monthly Insurances

Total Monthly Payment

Bi-Weekly Payments Results

ByWeekly Principal and INTEREST

(Monthly amount / 2)


Interest you will pay with a MONTHLY
mortgage payment plan:

Interest you will pay with a BI-WEEKLY
mortgage payment plan:

Bi-weekly Mortgage Interest Savings:

Bi-weekly payments savings:

If you choose a bi-weekly mortgage payment system you are, in essence, choosing to add a 13th monthly payment to your annual number of monthly payments, and splitting it up between 26 bi-weekly payments. You will pay a little more per month with the bi-weekly payment system, but the total INTEREST paid on the loan will be the lowest.

By adding a 13th annual monthly payment to your annual number of monthly payments and spreading that extra monthly mortgage payment into bi-weekly mortgage payments...

Means that by paying an extra

every two weeks

you will pay off your mortgage loan in


instead of the current


your mortgage interest savings will be

Do you really want to give an extra

to the bank?

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Mortgage news


1 stop mortgage calculator logo

This combined monthly mortgage calculator and bi-weekly mortgage calculator gives you an estimate of what your monthly mortgage payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments could be when you contract a loan.

This is only an estimate of your possible monthly payments or bi-weekly payments. The actual lending institution determines your exact monthy mortgage payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments.

Please note that this monthly mortgage calculator and bi-weekly mortgage calculator uses javascript to do its monthly mortgage payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments calculations, your actual monthly mortgage payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments might be slightly different than the results shown here.

Real estate agent? Feel free to link to this site!

Just copy this code:

<a href="" target="_blank">Online mortgage calculator</a>

Thank you!

Mortage calculator definitions

Principal loan balance or mortgage amount

The total dollar amount the mortgage calculator will use for the mortgage calculations. This is how much you presently owe or wish to borrow.

Interest rate

The interest rate (in percentage) is what the mortgage calculator will use for the mortgage calculations.

Amortization in years

The number of years over which you would repay this mortgage loan if you made your normal monthly payments. The most common terms for mortgages are 15 years and 30 years (25 years for Canadian mortgages). The mortgage calculator will use this number in it’s mortgage calculations.


How does this JavaScript mortgage calculator work?

It goes without saying that this calculator uses JavaScript to do it’s calculations. (JavaScript is a browser programming language created by Netscape.)

JavaScript does not have any financial functions integrated into it. However, we can multiply, divide, add, subtract and use exponentiation – with the Math.pow() method.

Knowing this, it’s possible to program a calculator function in JavaScript that will match the standard mortgage calculator formula (or the normal mortgage calculator code) used by the lending institutions. In fact, this type of script is simple to program. It's just a matter of using the javascript Math.pow(x,y) function when programming the script for the mortgage formula we want to code.

General javascript mortgage payment formula:
PAY = (PR * IN) / (1 - Math.pow(1 + IN, -PE))

For more information in what's involved in a javascript mortgage calculator script and to see what the code looks like, Click here: mortgage calculator code and sample. - A small javascript script example with a mortgage formula is also shown and some source code for a mortgage calculator.


Canadian mortgage formula

Did you know that the Canadians don't use the same compound system as the rest of the world? In the USA, and every where else, the rates are compounded monthly. In other words, when you repay your loan, your rates are compounded at every month, if you repay bi-weekly, the rates will again be compounded monthly.

Well... In Canada, it's different. The Canadians mortgages are compounded every six months. Even when someone pays monthly, the interest rate is calculated on a semi-annual base. Check out your payments with this easy to use Canadian mortgage calculator.

Click here for more information about the Canadian mortgage formula and the javascript code needed to do the mortgage calculations. You can also find more information about the US mortgage formula on this mortgage-calculator-code page.


If you want to use an online mortgage calculator, keep these caveats in mind:

The majority of the online mortgage calculators populating the web, javascript, java or php driven, rarely reveal their behind-the-scenes assumptions. Very few mortgage payments calculators are accompanied by any explanation of how they work, what javascript mortgage calculator formula or code was used or what assumptions are used (this mortgage calculator does -- see "How does this javascript mortgage calculator work?").

As a consumer, you have to understand that an online mortgage calculator only gives the bare bones results (and those results are rounded figures). When you do take a mortgage loan, even with the lowest mortgage ones, the monthly payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments usually include a mortgage insurance (a mortgage insurance is usually required by the lending institution). Some home loans also include an impound account for property taxes and casualty insurance.

A mortgage calculator can’t predict the mortgage payments on an hybrid or adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). Beyond the initial fixed interest rate, no one can!

More information on an Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)

More info on the JavaScript mortgage calculator code, formula and script

Accelerated weekly payments and / or accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payments explanations

Small site map:

Are your website visitors looking to calculate their mortgage payments? Install a javascript mortgage calculator on your website!

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