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Calculate your monthly mortgage payments or bi-weekly mortgage payments in seconds!

1 Stop Mortgage Calculator

with amortization schedule

With this easy to use mortgage calculator
you can easily calculate your
monthly mortgage payments or your
bi-weekly mortgage payments
for a particular loan.

It's all a question of rates. If the mortgage rates are high, your monthly mortgage payments or your bi-weekly mortgage payments are high.

Which type of loan saves you INTEREST? Monthly payments or bi-weekly payments? Which one will be the lowest?

With this mortgage calculator you can see how much you save if you make bi-weekly mortgage payments instead of monthly mortgage payments.

Enter the values below
(principal, interest rate and loan amortization), and find out
how much your monthly mortgage payments will be, and
how much you save if you use bi-weekly mortgage payments.

Principal Loan Balance:

You can also specify:

Interest Rate (%):

Annual Taxes:

Amortization, in Years:

Annual Insurance:

Monthly mortgage payments

Monthly Principal and INTEREST

(your monthly payment)

Monthly Taxes

Monthly Insurances

Total Monthly Mortgage Payment

(total monthly payment)

Bi-Weekly mortgage payments

Bi-weekly Principal and INTEREST

(Monthly amount / 2)

Mortgage calculator summary:

Interest you will pay with a MONTHLY
mortgage payment plan:

Interest you will pay with a BI-WEEKLY
mortgage payment plan:

Bi-weekly Mortgage Interest Savings:


Mortgage calculator
bi-weekly savings:

If you choose a bi-weekly payment mortgage you are, in essence, choosing to add a 13th payment to your annual number of payments, and splitting it up between 26 bi-weekly payments.

This means that by paying an extra

every two weeks

you will pay off your mortgage in


instead of the current


your mortgage interest savings will be

Do you really want to give an extra

to the bank?



Are your website visitors looking to calculate
their mortgage loans and payments?

Install the Mortgage calculator suite on your website.

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