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What are people looking for in a real estate agent?
A good listener, respectful...

What are people looking for in a real estate agent?

What nobody wants...

A "Real Estate Agent" that is and acts just like a "salesperson".

Don't ever lose sight of that near reality "fact". The only mission a real estate agent has... is to sell houses, sell houses, sell houses to YOU. Never say that you are in a bad financial situation, or that you need to sell your house fast to pay for medical bills, or that you are want to buy this great house now, because you are being transferred in this neighborhood this week.

What does everyone want?

Everyone likes a good listener, someone who is respectful and thoughtful, and works with a smile. That’s what they are looking for in a real estate agent, and that is what you, the seller, should also give to your potential buyers.

Once you understand your potential buyers’ reasoning, once you comprehend is thinking, your house selling job is nearly done. And unlike Wal*mart, you don’t have to ask them what they want, the research has already been done!

The funny part is… most people don’t know about it.

Here’s the secret: Price, Location and Presentation

As a seller you have control over Price and Presentation, and no control at all over the Location.

The buyer has control of the Location. He can decide where he buys, if he likes the view, the angle of the house relatively to the sun, the quiet or busy street, the neighborhood, the parking options, etc.

Since we have absolutely no control over Location, we will look at the price and the presentation aspects in our next article.

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