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Watch out for agents not wanting to miss out on listings

Beware of agents not wanting to miss out on listings

Before Mr. Jones put his house for sale, he contacted a real estate agent. (If you are looking for a house in Montreal, NDG, go see Michel W. Duguay at he is a good friend of mine)

One of the things a real estate agent does is to determine how motivated his possible customer might be and how much money he expects to get for his house.

One thing a real estate agent is cautious about is not telling a possible customer that he is completely off in the estimate of his house.

On the other hand, the real estate agent wants the listing.

The problem is, not all real estate agents act professionally when it comes to quote a price on a possible customer’s house.

In order to get the listing, the unprofessional real estate agents will quote too high. And many people will be tricked by it.

What will those unethical real estates agents do next?

After you have signed for their “exclusive” services, they will tell you, a week or two later, that the price is too high (which is true!) and that you have to lower it.

The problem is… you just lost two weeks and if the promotion of your house has already started, your house is in the wrong price range!

The risks and perils of being overpriced

When a house is overpriced the seller is in a very bad position.

Basically, the potential buyers that visit the house find it… overpriced, so the seller doesn’t get any offers.

Simple JavaScript Mortgage Calculator

Here's a very simple JavaScript mortgage and loan calculator that will figure out the monthly repayments of any loan (in fact you will find 4 calculators there). Fill in your loan details such as loan or mortgage amount, annual interest rate and term of loan, hit the "Calculate Payment" button and the details will be displayed.

This is a great tool for a real estate website or could be easily configured to suit an auto dealer or any other site where an online mortgage calculator may be of benefit to your visitors. Try it out here.

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