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In less than 2 1/2 minutes from now any one (or all) of the following FIVE (5) mortgage calculators could be on
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ready to be used by

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Just click on the image to use the JavaScript mortgage calculator of your choice. Try before you buy! Test drive these calculators!

Bi-weekly mortgage payments vs monthly mortgage payments US calculator
Bi-weekly mortgage payments vs monthly mortgage payments Canadian calculator

Bi-weekly mortgage payments vs. monthly mortgage payments
Canadian calculator


US mortgage calculator
Canadian mortgage calculator

Canadian mortgage calculator


Canadian and US mortgage comparison calculator

Canadian & US mortgage comparison calculator


Use loan and Mortgage calculators
to increase your web presence,
to help your customers on the web
or with your laptop in their homes,
and to generate more profits!
(more info below)

Other calculators (available in a different package): US mortgage calculators with amortization table for real estate agent web sites or as stand alone application for offline computing

Also available: Canadian mortgage calculators with amortization tables


From: Dominique Peladeau
Publisher, Mortgage Calculator Suite
886 de L'Epee ave.
Outremont, QC, Canada
H2V 3V3

Dear Internet Friend,

If you’d like to finally increase your web presence, help your customers and generate more profits without spending a fortune, then this might be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read.

It's crazy.

One of my friends, a real estate agent, was telling me that he just couldn’t stand his pocket calculator anymore.

- Dominique, he said, why do I have to carry a pocket calculator when I already carry a laptop computer?

- What do you mean?

- It's all those loan calculators mortgage calculator calculations things. When I’m in a customer's home, I’m not connected to the internet... so I have to use a pocket calculator. And as you know, with a pocket calculator, it's more than easy to do mistakes...

- Yes, I know.

- Dominique! You're the computer guy, find me a mortgage calculator that works on my computer even when I'm not connected to the internet... and while you're at it, find one that I can put on my web site!

I looked all over the Internet, searched and searched... and I couldn’t find a mortgage calculator that would do everything he wanted at the price he wanted (for less than a good meal at the restaurant).

Sure, I found a few websites that sold some mortgage calculators, some with mortgage payment software, one as a stand alone application, computer calculators, loan formula, INTEREST formula and more, -- all at outrageous prices -- I even found some sites that rented them (ouch!)...

But I just couldn’t find the little piece of software that would easily solve my real estate friend's problem without breaking the bank.

And what he wanted wasn't that complicated either:

A plain and simple mortgage calculator that can do 2 types of calculations:

Find the periodic payment
   Monthly, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, weekly, etc., and

Find the loan principal
   Just input the interest rate, the periodic payment and click!

So... I made the software!

And not with an obscure programming language that you must install on your web server after you ask your web host provider if you can install it... No. I took the normal mathematical mortgage formula and I transformed it into a javascript function. Once I had this javascript mortgage calculator code and formula, it was easy to program the mortgage calculators.

The result of my efforts is called the...

Mortgage Calculator Suite
How to give your visitors an online mortgage calculator website

The Mortgage Calculator Suite is a group of 5 easy to use javascript mortgage calculators that work online or offline!

See above for live examples of online mortgage calculators.


Dominique Peladeau picture


My name is Dominique Peladeau.

I'm a professional webmaster and an expert in web programming, including JavaScript. I make money by implementing and programming all kinds of web designs, tactics and strategies on many commercial and professional web sites.

And I envy you. Because now, with the "Mortgage Calculator Suite", your work will be easier and more efficient.

And you won't have to take a loan to own it!

Just imagine, people coming and coming again and again to your website, not to your competitor's, because you finally have a mortgage calculator, because you finally have a web site with interactivity.

Interactivity breeds sales and trust!
Studies have shown that the more interactive a website is, the more likely first time visitors will bookmark your page for future visits. And of course, the more often a visitor returns, the more likely they will end up trusting you, using your services, and making a purchase!

Personalization breeds sales!
Studies have also shown that the more personalized you can make your web site visitors' experience, the more likely they will return to your website rather than to your competitors' websites.

Lost visitors means lost sales!
If you don't have a mortgage calculator on your website, guess where your hard-earned visitors are going to go when they're in need of a calculator? More than likely they will pay a visit to a competitor that does have calculators installed on their website. Good-bye sale!

Do you need interactivity on your website? Do you want to keep your website visitors?

Announcing the "Mortgage Calculator Suite"

What's the Mortgage Calculator Suite? It's 5 mortgage calculators!

Mortgage Calculator Suite Software Box

That's right!
Not one, not 2, not 3...
mortgage calculators!

Ready to be used on
YOUR web site

or offline as stand alone
software applications
on YOUR computer.

If you can copy and paste, you can install these calculators on your web site in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

That's not all! You can also install them on your computer or your laptop!

How do you install them on your computer? It's simple, just order and download the Mortgage Calculator Suite NOW, and a few seconds later you can start using them on your own computer! It's that easy!


Mortgage calculators are Site traffic magnets

Interactivity is one of the main reasons web surfers return to a web site. And the more interactive your website, the better chance you have of getting repeat visitors.

It’s a known fact that on average, it takes 7 return visits for a visitor to become comfortable enough with your website to place an order.

The “Mortgage Calculator Suite” is an easy way to increase your website’s interactivity without spending a fortune.

All you have to do is to is add one (or more – up to 5!) ready-made mortgage calculator to your website… at a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer to create it for you.


Why Choose the Mortgage Calculator Suite?

No programming required
If you can copy and paste, you can install the mortgage calculators on your web site.


No extra work load on your web server
Unlike other companies selling or renting the use of server-side mortgage calculators that require a process to run on the server each time a re-calculation is made, these ready-to-use calculators operate in your visitor's web browser. Since it's their own computer that do the Javascript calculations, your web server avoids a potential process overload.


No special plug-in required
It's simple Javascript, a web browser language created many years ago by Netscape and used since then by all the web browsers:
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, etc.


One-time fee
Unlike some other real estate mortgage calculator companies that rent
their website calculators on an annual basis, you can purchase the Mortgage Calculator Suite for just ONE low, one-time fee.


No exterior server to worry about
Some real estate mortgage calculator companies host the mortgage calculators on their own web server. Do you know what happens when their operations shut down? It's simple, when their server is down, your mortgage calculator don't work. And what happens if they go out of business?


The mortgage calculators are on your web site!
Your Mortgage Calculator Suite license gives you the right to host your mortgage calculators on your web site. That means that YOU have complete control over YOUR mortgage calculator.


User friendly
Unlike server-side calculators that force your user to click the back or the reload button each time they want to recalculate, these easy-to-use calculators simply recalculate the new mortgage scenario without having to reload the page from the server.


Unlike Java calculators that are continually causing older web browsers to crash, the Mortgage Calculator Suite not only work with older browsers, but if there is a problem the browser merely reports an error – rather than crashing the browser (that's why so many websites use Javascript).


No outside ads – You keep your visitors
Other companies include their brand names and some links to their websites on the user-interface of the installed calculators – which may cause you to lose your visitor in favor of their website. With the 1stop Mortgage Calculator Suite, the copyright information is located deep in the Javascript mortgage calculator code, far behind the scenes, with no link to our website.


Totally secure
Since these calculators operate solely on your visitors’ computers, you can be sure that private information about your visitor is not being collected by any outside organizations or third parties.


No special programming language to install on your web server
The mortgage calculators don’t need to reside in special folders on your web server (like Cgi-bin, Perl, Data, or ASP), hence, there is no need to install a special programming language on your web server in order to install the calculators on your website.


Versatile – Runs on the PC or the Mac platform
When used as stand alone applications the Mortgage Calculator Suite runs on Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP operating systems and on the Mac OS 7, 8, 9 and X operating systems with any web browser: Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Safari, etc.


The “Mortgage Reports Suite”

How to turn your real estate website traffic into LEADS!

Mortgage Reports suite box

An amazing opportunity!

The Mortgage Reports suite (a $39.95 value!) is a complete system that shows you...

How to inexpensively
and automatically
generate qualified buyer
and seller leads

The “Mortgage Reports Suite” is a series of mortgage and real estate teaser texts that you put on your web pages. Once a website visitor reads one of the teaser texts, he leaves his name, email address and phone number in exchange for a special mortgage report.

You get to keep this Powerful Bonus just for trying The Mortgage Calculator Suite!

For more information about this incredible buyer and seller lead generating system, click here to see the mortgage reports suite! (this will open in a new window, so you won't lose this page). But don't order there, or you will have to pay full price for it... while you get it here for free when you purchase the Mortgage Calculator Suite.


Here's the deal:

When you order the 1 Stop Mortgage Calculator Suite you get:

  • Four (5) Easy-to-use Mortgage Calculators
    Complete web pages (with link codes to them),
    ready to be used and installed on your web site.

  • You will be able to install the mortgage calculators within minutes, even if you know nothing about JavaScript coding (some basic html is required).
  • It as simple as 1-2-3. All you have to do is copy and paste the link code on your web page and FTP your web page and the mortgage calculator web pages and files to your website.
  • You will get these 5 mortgage calculators:
    Bi-weekly vs. Monthly US Mortgage Calculator
    Bi-weekly vs. Monthly Canadian Mortgage Calculator
    Canadian and US Mortgage Calculator
    Canadian Mortgage Calculator
    US Mortgage Calculator
  • 30 Day Free Email Support! (a $100.00 value!)
  • Your bonus: The Mortgage Reports Suite (a $39.95 value!)

    The 1 Stop Mortgage Calculator Suite comes with easy instructions, help files, and live example files, so you can install the links code and the mortgage calculators easily.

    If you have any questions or problems, just email me and I’ll answer you within 48 hours (72 on the long week-ends). If you wish, I will even look at the code on your website, just email me the URL of your web page. I must, however, advise you that you almost certainly will not need the email support - The 1 Stop Mortgage Calculator Suite is that easy to use.

    Please read our legal information.

  • You will get all I have described above for only $97 $47? NO. $39.97! As crazy as it sounds, it is true. You will own those easy to use mortgage calculators for only $39.97!

    That's less than a good supper at the restaurant.

More content, more traffic, more clicks, more sales opportunities!

This offer is limited and can change at any time.
The only way I can guarantee you will get the price listed above is if you order now.

All orders are processed through PayPal,
eBay's secure order processing server.

How do I use PayPal?

It's easy to order. Just click the PayPal link below.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with this product, simply email me within 30 days of the purchase date and I will personally refund every penny of the purchase price! Order Now!


Dominique Peladeau
Dominique Peladeau
Publisher, 1 Stop Mortgage Calculator Suite

P.S. : Remember, you don’t want to waste time. This offer is limited and can change at any time. The only way I can guarantee you will get the price listed above is if you order now!


If you have any questions... just email me at



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