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Bi-weekly mortgage payments vs Monthly mortgage payments calculator
This javascript mortgage calculator will compare monthly mortgage payments to bi-weekly mortgage payments. Once the comparison is done, it shows the interest savings.

US mortgage calculator
This is a normal fixed rate mortgage calculator. Many mortgage payment options are available: Annual, semi-annual, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated bi-weekly and accelerated weekly. This calculator can also calculate how much you can borrow if you can put a specified amount of dollars every month (or week, or every 2 weeks, etc.)

Canadian mortgage calculator
Same type of mortgage calculator as the US mortgage calculator, except that it calculates the mortgage payments or principal by following the canadian mortgage rules.

Canadian & US mortgage comparison calculator
This is sort of a US mortgage calculator and Canadian mortgage calculator combined into one. All the options of both calculators are available, including the reverse calculation.
(Example of a reverse calculation: if you pay $600.00 every month, how much can you borrow if the interest rate is 6% and the term is 15 years).

Add a mortgage calculator on your web site or for offline use on your PC!
If you are a real estate agent, a realtor, a website designer, a webmaster or a broker, you can purchase all 4 mortgage calculators that are described above. You will be able to install the mortgage calculators on your website or for offline use on your portable computer.

Mortgage Calculator Suite
Easy to install website mortgage calculators for real estate agents, realtors, webmasters or anyone that needs quick access to mortgage calculators with their portable computer can be purchased for a low one time licensing fee.

Monthly and bi-weekly comparison mortgage calculator
with amortization schedule

This mortgage calculator will compare monthly to bi-weekly mortgage payments, show the interest savings, and allow you to calculate the amortization schedule if you specify the principal amount you want to borrow, the interest rate and the amortization period in years.

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When you put your house on the market, it must be priced in the right price range. This is crucial!

What are people looking for in a real estate agent?
What nobody wants... What does everyone want?

What where you looking for when you bought your home?
...Buyer profiles provide insights
The 4 categories of buyers: first-time, move-up, move-on and move-down.

What are house buyers really looking for?
If business owners knew exactly what their customers wanted, they would make great profits. Isn't it the same for home owners?

What happens when you buy a house before you sell
For homeowners aiming to sell their house and buy another one, it’s the classic, which came first, the chicken or the egg, question – buy or sell first?

Should you buy your new house first or sell first?
What happens when you discover and fall in love with a house that meets all of your needs and dreams and you make an offer on it.

When is the best time to sell your house (or buy a house)
Should you sell when the real estate market is low or on a roll?

Do you know how much is your house worth...
today, next week, next year? You probably have an idea of what your house is worth right now, but do you know...

How does the real estate market really work?
A house rarely sells for the asking price. Not only it is rare, it’s extremely rare. What is the difference between a fixed price and the market price.

To sell or not to sell your house
Common, not-so common, and downright bizarre reasons to sell your home.
People’s reasons for selling their houses are almost as varied as the houses themselves...

What should be your first decision: To sell or not to sell!
People talk, but not all act!

People get less for their home than what they really could get!
Just ask someone who just bought a house!

The biggest mistake that most home sellers fall into
The oldest trick in the book! Listing with the agent who gives them the highest price. Ouch!

How to prepare a house for a good show
How to make sure it's your house they come back to for a better look!

Common house buyer traps and how to avoid them
A structured approach to the house buying process can help you stay away from these widespread traps, allowing you to not only cut costs, but also secure the house that’s best for you.

I can’t believe I signed that!
How Andrea lost thousand of dollars on her house deal...

9 great savings tricks
Maybe, just maybe, you will save enough for a down payment!

How to make applying for a mortgage loan a trouble-free experience.
Includes the mortgage list for success!

Adjacent neighborhoods will be the next hot market
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House selling tips - Should you wait for a better offer?
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What is a bi-weekly mortgage? How is a bi-weekly mortgage calculated?
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Monthly mortgage calculator
Calculates your mortgage payments by taking into account that you will do 12 monthly payments per year.

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What happens when you accelerate your mortgage loan payoff by paying halh (1/2) of your monthly payment every two weeks...

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JavaScript mortgage calculator code, formula and script
What is the JavaScript formula to use on a mortgage calculator and how do we code it? A small example is given.

Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)

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