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Mortgage Calculator Help

Mortgage calculator help

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A mortgage calculator can be used to help homeowners choose the best payment options for their house or home loans. This incredible tool can assist the homeowner at the beginning of the mortgage process, when he is choosing a payment plan, and also later in the process, when he wants to refinance his loan due to a change in mortgage rates.

The javascript mortgage calculators presented here allow homeowners to enter varying mortgage loan amounts, interest rates, and payback time frames to formulate the best payment plan that will suit their financial situation. For example, if a homeowner knows what mortgage payments he can make each month and what time frame he would prefer for the payback, this special mortgage rate calculator can determine what interest rate he can or can't afford, while our other calculators calculate either the periodic payment (monthly mortgage payment, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, etc.) or the amount he can borrow with xxx dollars paid per payment period (monthly or other wise).

How to use the mortgage calculator

US mortgage calculator explained

Just enter the relevant information...

1- the mortgage loan principal or amount you want to borrow

2- the interest rate (in percent)

3- the amortization period (drop down menu in years)

4- the loan term (drop down menu in years)
This option is mainly for the Canadians (or for those who wish to know how much has been paid after x years – principal and interest –).
In Canada, the mortgage contract, also known as the term, is usually for a small time frame, 1, 2, 3, or 5 years, while the amortization is calculated for another time frame, usually 25 years.

5- the periodic payment type (drop down menu): Annually, semi-annually, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated bi-weekly or accelerated weekly.

and click on...

6- “Calculate Payment” to get the periodic payment amount.

You can also do “reverse” calculations!

For example, if you want to know how much you can borrow (the principal) if you make a $700 monthly payment with an interest rate of 6.25%...

Just enter...

7- $700.00 in the "input payment" text box, and click on

8- “Calculate Principal” to get the answer!

With all our calculators, many type of calculations are available: bi-weekly, monthly or weekly mortgage loan calculations, accelerated or not accelerated weekly or bi-weekly mortgage payments! We are constantly finding ways to improve the javascript calculators for amount, loan, rate, or house payment mortgages. Amortization calculations are done with very efficient online JavaScript mortgage formula and code scripts. Many mortgage calculators, built with JavaScript mathematical functions, are available on this calculator page. Also available: US mortgage calculator with amortization schedule.


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