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Mortgage rate JavaScript calculator

Mortgage rate calculator

This small mortgage rate calculator calculates the INTEREST of a normal fixed interest mortgage loan.

Just input the following mortgage information in the calculator:

The loan amount: 'Principal'
The amortization in years: 'Amort (Yrs)'
The periodic payment amount: 'Periodic payment'
The payment type: 'Monthly, annually, semi-annually, bi-weekly or weekly'
And click on: 'Calculate Interest Rate' to get the yearly fixed interest rate.

US Mortgage Rate Calculator

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Periodic payment 
Payment type

Interest Rate: 

The above is for illustrative purposes only. U.S. Rates are compounded monthly.

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Our US mortgage calculator, Canadian mortgage calculator,
bi-weekly/monthly comparison calculator, and our US/Canadian mortgage comparison javascript calculator look good on any web site. They are made for the real estate agent's webmaster or website designer who want's to install a mortgage calculator that calculates the periodic amount or the principal amount of a mortgage loan.

A very compact JavaScript mortgage calculator source code script does all the processing. It uses the JavaScript math.pow function to save time when calculating the mortgage loan principal or payment.

All the web design and the JavaScript scripting is already done for you. Our webmaster or web designer mortgage calculators are available without any crazy set-up. In just a few minutes from now you can download the mortgage calculators and install them on your web site or use them directly on your computer.

Every thing has been done for you! They are ready to be used by your web page visitors!

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