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US mortgage calculator

How to use the US javascript mortgage calculator

How to enter your loan information in the calculator

You can change the principal amount, the interest rate, the amortization period, and the term (for Canadians, the term is the length of the mortgage contract).

You can also input your payment type (annually, semi-annually, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated bi-weekly or accelerated weekly).

Once you finish entering your mortgage information, click on the "Calculate Payment".

US Loan and mortgage Calculator
Amort. (Yrs) 
Interest Rate   
Term (Yrs) 
Payment type
Term interest 
Periodic payment 
Total interest 
Term principal paid 
Actual Amort. 
Term balance 
Or input payment 
The above is for illustrative purposes only. U.S. Rates compounded each period.

How to find out how much you can borrow

Just enter your periodic payment in the "input payment" text field and click on "Calculate Principal". You can set the "Payment type", the "Interest Rate", the amortization in years in the "Amort. (Yrs)" and the term in years in the "Term (Yrs)" text fields.


What is the "Term (Yrs)" drop down menu used for?

In Canada, and in a few other countries, the Term is the length of
time the mortgage (or loan) agreement covers.

As a rule, US mortgages do not have terms per say. However,
the "Term (Yrs)" can be used to see how much of the loan has
been repaid after x number of years (Term principal paid) and how much you are is still owing after the term (Term balance).


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