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Install up to four mortgage calculators on your website or on your computer!

Our online calculators provide quick and easy access to mortgage calculations for home buying or home selling needs.

Each javascript mortgage calculator offers the user multiple choices of periodic payments: annually, semi-annual, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated weekly or accelerated bi-weekly payments.

Just click on the loan calculator you wish to use:

US mortgage calculator
Canadian mortgage calculator

Canadian mortgage calculator


Bi-weekly mortgage payments vs monthly mortgage payments calculator
Canadian and US mortgage comparison calculator

Canadian & US mortgage comparison calculator


US mortgage calculator explained:

US mortgage calculator explained

Easy to use, just enter...
1- the loan principal or amount
2- the interest rate (percent)
3- the amortization period (drop down menu in years)
4- the loan term (drop down menu in years)
5- the periodic payment type (drop down menu)
and click on...
6- “Calculate Payment” to get the answer.

You can even do “reverse” calculations!
For example, if you want to know how much you can borrow if you make a $700 monthly payment with an interest rate of 6.25%...
Just enter...
7- $700.00 in the "input payment" text box, and click on
8- “Calculate Principal” to get the answer!

These JavaScript calculators (for web designers, webmasters and real estate web sites) can be purchased here, at low prices. For less that an ad in the newspaper you can offer free calculators to your web site visitors! An immediate download! The calculators feature annual, semi-annual, monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly and weekly mortgage payment periods choices.


Mortgage calculators

No special setup or adjustment are required to install the US, Canadian, bi-weekly or comparison mortgage calculators. No web server overload. No custom Cgi-bin, perl or Java applets are needed like what's needed for Java, php or Perl mortgage calculators.

Three of our 4 mortgage calculators feature a special calculation option to find out the principal amount if the interest rate, term and payment amout are known.

These JavaScript calculators are built to American, Canadian and international mortgage standards. They work online or offline as stand alone applications. Those pre-built ready-to-use mortgage calculator pages are perfect as real estate website trafic magnets.

Give your website the interactivity edge, install a mortgage calculator today!


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