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People get less for their house than what they really could get!

Your first decision

How many people have heard about a friend or a neighbor who talked about selling their house (sometimes for years) and just never really did it?

Why didn’t they? The main reason is because they never really decided to do it. Until they do decide, they will probably never take action.

When you are undecided, you feel uneasy, a bit frustrated and stressed about it.

Your first big question is:

Am I selling my house or am I staying?

In order to answer this question, answer the following questions.

The 8 questions every potential house seller should answer

1. Am I wondering what my house is worth?
Yes    No

2. Am I thinking about selling my house?

Yes    No

3. Is my house no longer appropriate for my needs?

Yes    No

4. Do I want to change my surrounding completely?

Yes    No

5. Would I like to live in a different region?

Yes    No

6. Am I unhappy with my neighborhood?

Yes    No

7. Am I starting to look at other houses?

Yes    No
8. If I could renovate my house so it meets my requirements,
    would I hesitate to get a loan for it?
Yes    No

Total Yes: ________


1 or 0 Yes:
I wonder why you bought this book! You seem to be quite happy with your present house. You don’t seem to have many reasons to sell.

2 to 4 Yes:
You already have some good reasons to sell, but you don’t seem to have enough reasons to sell right now. But soon. Its possibly time to plan your next move.

5 to 8 Yes:
You really want to move. Looks like you have some good reasons to sell and it is time to take action.


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