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The biggest mistake that most home sellers fall into

The number one mistakes that most home sellers fall into

Choosing the wrong real estate agent or choosing for the wrong reasons

Many homeowners list with the agent who gives them the highest price.

Right! But wrong!

Here’s an example...

Jane and John want to sell their house. They do what most people do; they call 2 or 3 real estate agents and ask them what their house is worth.

Like everybody, Jane and John are under the impression that a real estate agent is an expert in his field. They know houses, they sell them all the time, etc.

The first agent tells Jane and John that their house is worth around $185,000. The second agent gives them an estimate of $175,000, and the third agent believes their house is worth only $165,000.

Jane and John, believing their house is worth more than they thought – and also thinking that the other 2 agents are trying to deceive them – take the agent with the $185,000 evaluation.

That agent meets Jane and John and offers them an exclusive listing!

Big mistake! Their house is now tied up with that agent for the next 3 months.

This is the oldest trick in the book!
And Jane and John have just fallen for it.

In the following weeks the agent tells them that the market is getting more and more difficult, it’s quieter, and that they should drop their price to attract the buyers.

In the end, their house ultimately sells for $160,000.

Jane and John, still thinking that their house was worth more, feel cheated, baffled and disappointed. How could that agent have been so wrong in his appraisal?


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