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9 great savings tricks
So you can save enough for a down payment!

Maybe, just maybe, you will save enough for a down payment!

Here are 9 great savings tricks!

1. Drive at the speed limit. When you are driving at 65 mph (versus 55 mph) you are increasing fuel consumption by a whopping 20 percent

2. Clip coupons. If you save $30 a month with food and drug coupons, that turns into $360 a year.

3. Take your lunch to work. If you are spending $7 a day on a sandwich, Coke and an ice-cream cone (or whatever...), that's $2,000 a year. And that's not counting those in-between snacks. Figure out what you spend per day on lunch; then on the days you bring your own lunch... That’s not all, you’ll be healthier too!

4. Carpool. Walk, bike or take the bus to work. Talk about healthy!

5. Talk less. Make sure you have the cheapest calling plan. And if you make a lot of long distance calls, get a prepaid phone card.

6. Skip the babysitter. Ask your parents! They just love your kids.

7. Stop smoking. Quitting a pack-a-day habit will save you about $1,500 a year. Did I mention that you will save on your health insurance costs?

8. Never open a magazine. Throw them out immediately. If you look inside you're bound to find something you like and spend...

9. Don't carry cash. If you leave it all at home, it will be hard to spend much.


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